Monday, March 23, 2015

Testing Email Posting (Nina)

To post to this blog via email, you need to use an email address that I probably shouldn't post publicly here, but you can ask me for it. 

I realized belatedly this morning that I will need to take my passport when I travel on Wednesday. Toronto is in another country, duh!

Looking back at posts on the other TESOL blogs, I noticed that it was necessary to scroll all the way down to the end of the post to find out who posted it. I am suggesting that we all add our names in parentheses after the title, as I have done here.

Adding an image to see if it is included in the post.


  1. Or maybe if you are an author on the blog, you get your own email address to post to? Can you please check in Settings/Mobile and Email and see if they offer you the option of "yourname"" instead of "ninaliakos.secretword@blogger com"?

  2. Thanks for doing this again this year Nina. Who will do the next one I wonder?

  3. I'll miss seeing you and all the other webheads. It's the one downside of retirement.