Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Day 1 Wednesday (Nina)

Up at 5:00, teach 9-11:30 (ending class a little early), on our way by 12, shuttle bus to the metro station, metro to the airport, very quick flight in a very small plane (50 people in 13 rows) to Pearson Airport in Toronto. Four of us traveling together from the Maryland English Institute (MEI): Annelies, Julie, Melanie, and me.Long wait for a taxi, but when we finally got one and had all squeezed inside he turned out to be a Greek Canadian named Kostas! We found our hotel (it's really just a furnished apartment) and left our bags with the security person so that we could go to the Convention Center to register by 7. It looks closer than it is and from the entrance on the north side where we are to registration on the south side necessitated some serious walking and escalator riding. We all registered and picked up our certificates of attendance, program books, and TESOL bags (black this year). Then the opening plenary crowd erupted up the escalators. I stood midstream, scanning the faces for Berta. The first person I recognized was Jose Antonio! he was with his friend Fabiano. And then soon after came Berta, looking beautiful and sweet as always. Then we ran into Laine. JA and Laine went off to various places, and Berta, Julie, and I found a restaurant near the Convention Center (Jack Astor's) and had dinner. A lovely end to a tiring day.
Julie and Annelies on the metro
Nina and Berta at Jack Astor's

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  1. Thanks, dear Nina, for a great evening. It is wonderful to spend time with you again after 5 years and to finally meet José Antonio and Laine. Till tomorrow, sweet dreams :-)