Thursday, March 26, 2015

Day 2 Thursday (Nina)

Up early and spent the morning in the EV (so what else is new?). I went to JA's excellent presentation on ICT4ELT and then went next door to the Technology Showcase for the Hot Topics panel on flipped learning with Laine Marshall, Christine Sabieh, Christine Bauer-Ramazani, and John Graney. All four presentations were great, and there were plenty of questions afterwards.

I had my own presentation "Using ePortfolios to Showcase Student Writing" (a comparison of Blogger and Canvas for ePortfolios) at 11, and it went fine. I had quite a few people for the first round, just a few for the second, but everyone seemed engaged, and there were lots of questions.

Of course, there were plenty of webhead encounters! (See below)
Nina and Vance

Nina and Rita

Nina and Carolina Rodriguez Buitrago

Fabiano and Jose Antonio

Rita and Berta

Nina, Rita, and Berta

Laine presenting on flipped learning

The flipped learning panel: Christine S, Laine, John, and Christine B-R

Rita and Nellie (1st time f2f)

Rita's Mini-Workshop about Thinglink

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